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Committed to therapy that helps you gain necessary insight for self-exploration and positive change!

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​For those seeking a more traditional counseling setting. 

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Available for those seeking a convenient counseling option.

Communicate via secure online session or telephone. All you need is a basic computer with camera, smart phone or tablet.

My Therapy


Depression | Anxiety | Trauma | PTSD

Depression, anxiety, hopelessness are symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances.  These are some of the common and uncomfortable emotions that many  experience at some point in their journey. 

I will help you embrace the stillness and quiet that is within.  Together, we can find a way to restore joy and energy while creating a plan that fits your needs and schedule.   



Marriage isn't always an easy road to navigate; mates find themselves disconnected at times.  Communication is key to successful relationships.  By using positive language, you can break the barrier and flourish.   

Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship.  Whether you're in a new relationship or need to find the path that brought you together in the beginning, I can help. 


Stress Management

Hurry, hurry, hurry!  Do you feel that everyday moments are fleeting and you can't seem to catch up?  Is it becoming hard to meet deadlines or just simply communicate freely?  

When stress is getting the better of you, it's easy to lose your sense of self.  Allow  me to assist you in finding your inner-peace again. 

My Background

I knew I wanted to help people at a young age.  I began my college career in Rochester (upstate), NY specializing in children and families in social work.  Out of college I began working in a residential treatment center as a social worker with teenagers.  After a few years, an opportunity of change arose...I became a teacher of karate!  I had been practicing karate since I was a young adult and had grown in my confidence, self-control and determination.

Still, my heart was connected to helping people.  After only a year and a half, I found myself working as a manager of a foster care program.  As my personal journey continued, I realized I wanted to work with the population of people that "want" to be better instead of being forced to change.  Fast forward to now, here in Gulf Breeze, FL, where the weather is beautiful, impacting lives of those who have a motivation to better themselves.

With over 24 years experience, I utilize a variety of counseling techniques, with a very individualized approach, to work toward your personal healing and growth.  I assist couples and individuals improve relationships, increase distress tolerance and learn skills to overcome self-defeating, negative thinking patterns.  I will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself so you can move on from the current situation and claim your inner voice.  You have just taken a very admirable step toward your success and happiness.

I am passionate about helping individuals overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life.  Having the opportunity to assist you as you reach your full potential and embrace a satisfying life is truly inspirational and rewarding.  I look forward to supporting you obtain necessary insight for self-exploration and positive change as we walk together during this part of your journey.


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